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Get started on your custom fitness program now.  Our Programs can be executed in any gym.  Strength can be built by anyone and strength is the platform upon which athleticism is built.  Using the science of strength and conditioning you'll learn to spot and dismiss the BS found in so many gyms.  Don't know where to start?  Start here.  Already have goals?  Achieve them faster at Vegas Athletica.  We welcome anyone.


Our Story

Success from your custom program

Your success through our experience.   Taking the most effective movements and training protocols from training styles like weightlifting, interval training, CrossFit, bodybuilding, Kettle bells, and sprinting Vegas Athletica grants your access to the only Power Athlete Coach in Las Vegas, Coach Coop. We focus on mastering movement patterns and body control by challenging posture and position.  This results in a comprehensive learning, lifting, and fitness experience.  Lift and Learn!


What people are saying

Derek S. PT/DPT

I started training with Stephen Cooperstock (Coach Coop) 5/11/19 to increase my base strength.   In 3 months I have lost 25 lbs, as well as 5 inches off my waist, with an inch increase in my biceps. I also have a demanding job as a Physical Therapist  which requires lifting and transferring patients. This places a lot of stress on my back.

            I was originally attracted to Coop's strength/Athletic training because of his knowledge how the body moves and how the musculoskeletal system works.  After  3 months of training, my body has changed drastically, which has been noticed by colleagues at work and in the gym. Initially, I was 235 lb. Now I'm 210 with biceps +1in,  Waist -5in, and Quads +4in.

Anthony D.

     Training with Coop made the most difficult of Olympic and gymnastic movements seem well within reach of my abilities. Coop was always able to break down any movement in to several different parts, practicing each part separately before putting it all together (snatch, squat cleans, bar and ring muscle-ups, double unders). Even if I couldn’t grasp the movement from one teaching approach he always had a different way of explaining it so the movements made sense. Going to a gym can be very intimidating but Coop is very personable and I felt welcomed and part of the community instantly with him as a trainer.  We started doing one-on-one training and all of my goals were met; I lost body fat, I joined the 400+lb deadlift club, I was able to start stringing together multiple muscle-ups, I felt like I was able to move my body better and understand how everything works symbiotically. Coop made me work hard and is extremely knowledgeable. I was always challenged and feel better than I have ever felt!


Fully Customized program options

Every Program gets access to the free App to track your progress!

4 training days per week

5 training days per week

6 training days per week

Couples, training partner, and small group programming available.

Discounted Personal Coaching with every program!


Training Options

Ways to get in work.

Personal Training

Not big on groups?  No problem.

Just you or bring a few friends for a small group session.  Completely designed around your wants and needs, this is YOUR time with YOUR coach.

Complete Programs

Start to finish programs from Strength to Power and Speed.

For those looking to master themselves, we offer complete training programs for Beginners, Advanced, and Pro Athletes. Your can develop anything from strength and power to speed and physique.

Individualized Programming

Get your workouts sent to you via a Free App. Train around the world without missing a rep.

Use one of our trainers as a personal coach as you begin a journey to get faster, stronger and healthier. Flexibility Training is suitable for everyone at any kind of fitness level. It is an excellent training program, taking advantage of the body’s natural movements. Don’t hesitate to start today!


Baby steps or Macros, you decide.

Our professional Nutritionist will help you design your ideal eating style for your body's peak performance.


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