Coach Coop

Stephen Cooperstock (Coach Coop) is a Master Trainer with 15+ years of coaching experience.

     Coach Coop began his coaching career as a martial arts instructor.  Since that beginning Coach Coop has accrued a litany of experience and coaching credentials.  Coach Coop has worked in Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition, Personalized Programming, CrossFit, Sport Specific, K-1, and Circus training programs.  He was also a licensed EMT.

     Some of his past clients include; Nurses, Doctors, Physical Therapists, Professional Fighters, CrossFit Athletes, Football Players, Desk Jockeys, Circus Performers, Models, Beach Club staff, Casino workers, IT professionals, and more.

     His knowledge and experience has given him the tools to train anyone, including you.  

     Coach Coop's Methodology is firmly rooted in science with the focus being accelerated athletic adaptation.  This means Vegas Athletica programs will get you there as fast as possible with reduced risk of injury.  

     Coach Coop founded Vegas Athletica as the terrestrial counterpart to Aerial Athletica, which he runs with his wife.  

     Vegas Athletica and Coach Coop cut through all the static and bullshit found floating around the fitness world to earn you what you want by giving you what you need.


Coop's Creds.

15+ years of hands on experience and...


Precision Nutrition

Power Athlete Block Coach

Anatomy of the Athlete 

Old Country Iron Club Kettlebell

Strongman Techniques

Olympic Weightlifting

Advanced Anatomical Studies​

...there are more, but you get the point...


5165 Rousso Rd. Unit D, Las Vegas, NV, 89118

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