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Everything You Need to Know

If I buy a program do i have to train at Vegas Athletica?

Nope.  All programs will be based on your needs, goals, and equipment.  

Your custom program will be tailored to what's available in your gym.  HOWEVER, if your gym doesn't have sleds, sandbags, kettlebells, yokes, axle bars, and slam balls like Vegas Athletica then you'll be missing out on some awesome development.

What if I've never been to a gym?

Not an issue.  Everyone has to start somewhere and now is definitely better than later.  

You will learn proper technique and usage of all training equipment.  The perfect way to get rid of feeling intimidated by free weights or the gym setting in general

I have gym experience.  Will I see any benefit?

Absolutely you will benefit.  Your current athletic ability will be evaluated and your goals will be taken into account in order to maximize your success.

Do I have to purchase a gym membership to use a Vegas Athletica Program?

Naw.  Your program purchase will grant your access to Vegas Athletica during all open gym times.

How long are the programs?

The minimum program duration is 12 weeks long with a minimum of four programmed training days per week. 

Programs can go for as long as you want, or lead up to a goal you've set for yourself.

Can I bring a friend?

You may bring a friend to watch a training day, but no participation is allowed without complete enrollment

What if I have an injury, can I still participate?

Yes.  We will work with your minor injuries to help strengthen you up and get you back to peak condition.  If you're concerned about something more serious please email Coach Coop directly at:

What is the Cancellation Policy for the Ambition Program?

After the minimum program duration of 12 weeks, you may cancel via email a minimum of 15 days before the next billing date.

Should you wish to cancel before the 12 weeks is complete, then the remainder of the 12-week program will be charged in full to cancel.

Is there one start date and one end date?

All programs begin when you decide.  They will end once you've given 15 days notice of desire to cancel the program before the next billing date.


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