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Common Queries

Everything You Need to Know

What is the purpose of the Ambition Program?

The purpose of the Ambition program is to build a Base Level of Strength while enhancing speed, agility, control, and power.  

This is done via the major barbell lifts, accessory work, speed training, plyometrics, unilateral, bilateral, contralateral, and ipsilateral movements as well as transverse plane training.

The Ambition Program will create a complete athletic body.   

What if I've never been to a gym?

Not an issue.  Everyone has to start somewhere and now is definitely better than later.  

You will learn proper technique and usage of all training equipment.  The perfect way to get rid of feeling intimidated by free weights or the gym setting in general

I have gym experience.  Will I see any benefit?

Absolutely you will benefit.  If you have never completed a linear strength progression, then you are missing out on your full potential.

What ages may enroll?

14 and up may participate.  Anyone under 18 must have full parental consent.

Can I try one class to see if I like it?

The Ambition Program is a complete and comprehensive training experience.  One class will not gain you much understanding of the program.  

Can't go to college for one day and understand kinesiology can you?

You're far better off committing to the program and investing in your health.  

Can I bring a friend?

You may bring a friend to watch a training day, but no participation is allowed without complete enrollment

What if I have an injury, can I still participate?

Yes.  We will work with your minor injuries to help strengthen you up and get you back to peak condition.  If you're concerned about something more serious please email Coach Coop directly at: Contact@VegasAthletica.com

What is the Cancellation Policy for the Ambition Program?

100% refund before you begin.  After day 1, no refunds available.

Is there one start date and one end date?

Anyone can start at any time until the class fills up.  

This simply means everyone begins on a different day.

The beauty of the program is that, regardless of start date, as long as you complete all 20 weeks, you will still see the full benefit of the Ambition Program.