Flash Fit

Fitness in 30 mintues

Flash Fit is designed with your busy schedule in mind.  You are constantly rushing from one obligation to the next.  It can seem like there is no time for your fitness.  

That is in the past!

Flash Fit is a quick full-body fitness class with amazing variety!  You will never get bored and your energy level will soar.  

You begin with a dynamic 10-minute warm-up full of challenges to posture and position.  Then you wiil dive into 15 minutes of Interval training utilizing your own body an a large array of fun new training equipment!  You will get your hands on kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, rings, blocks, boxes, bosu-balls, stability balls, sleds, plates, medicine balls, slam balls, and so much more!

Crush calories and build a toned, firm, fit, strong, sexy, and capable body!  Now is the time to dive in, bring friends and share your fitness adventure with Flash Fit at Vegas Athletica!



Flash Fit

We are simple.  Classes are unlimited.

No contract $135 per month.

6-month agreement $99 per month


5165 Rousso Rd. Unit D, Las Vegas, NV, 89118

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