The Ambition Program

Motivation + Discipline = Ambition

Real no BS training.  Period.  Let's build some Strength, Speed, and Power, and look good doing it.  Lift, learn, and become a Powerful Athlete.

Muscle is Sexy!

The Ambition Program is a progressive, scheduled, and dedicated athletic development program for anyone. Your coach will deliver unfiltered knowledge and expertise to you in your small-group class.  We are not G-rated.

  • Feeling intimidated? Don't worry, this is for you. 

  • Need to get through a plateau?  You finally found the right program.

  • Been going to they gym for years?  THIS IS FOR YOU!  Everyone will have a different starting point. 

  • Maybe you're just looking for a healthy way to meet new people.  The Ambition Program fosters camaraderie using methods seen in the NFL, Military, and multiple leadership programs. 

The Ambition Program will build upon your individual strengths while attacking your limiting factors.  You will learn to control your body through space while studying and mastering the seven primal movements, major barbell lifts, speed and agility development, and power output. 

Don't worry you will also get your hands on sandbags, kettlebells, dumbbells, slam balls, sleds, yokes, rings, and so much more!

We just ask that you empty your cup and come with a fresh mind to learn.


Seven Primal Movements

The Pillars of all Athletic Movement

Mastering the Seven Primal Movements will make you better.  And better than the competition.  You will be come a strong, fast, powerful, balanced, injury resistant athlete.  Even if you're a desk jokey!  

The 7 Primal Movement patterns are...

  1. Vertical Pull

  2. Horizontal Pull

  3. Vertical Push

  4. Horizontal Push

  5. Hinge (squat, deadlift, clean)

  6. Lunge

  7. Step-up (yeah, it's different than a lunge)


Ambition Program Schedule and Pricing

Class Size is Limited!

Strength in numbers: You will track your progress and see the empirical progress.  Numbers go up, speeds improve. 

Small class sizes guarantee one-on-one time with your coach.  You'll build camaraderie with your group and support each other through the hard days.   

Four coached training days per week + 5th day extra conditioning for 20 weeks.  Plus, unlimited open gym access for the duration of your program.

9:00am-10:00am (extra time as needed)

Monday (coached)

Tuesday (coached)

Thursday (coached)

Friday (coached)

Open Gym 5th day (un-coached)

Unlimited Open Gym Access

Rule No.1: Show up

This is a progressive program, that builds on previous days.  Consistent attendance is necessary for success and Accelerated Athletic Adaptation.

Program Breakdown and Tuition Cost

20 weeks

4 days per week

80 total coached classes

Tuition Options

     1) $600 for the full program paid in Full

     2) $150/month paid each month

Unlimited Open Gym Access for your program's duration.


5165 Rousso Rd. Unit D, Las Vegas, NV, 89118

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